One of the most debated issues in Washington has been what to do with health care. After House Republicans voted to repeal the affordable care act and replace it with what is known as "TrumpCare," detailed analysis of the plan is not positive.

CBO on TrumpCare

Just a year after Barack Obama was elected president back in 2008, he signed into law the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Over the next seven years, the bill received constant push back from Republicans who accused the president of a government overreach, slamming the law as an attempt at failed socialism.

During that time, Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare more than 60 times, though it was largely seen as a symbolic gesture since the president was guaranteed to write it off as a veto if it ever got to his desk. With the election of Donald Trump, and Republicans in majority-control of Congress, conservatives have their best chance to finally rid the country of the Affordable Care Act. In their first attempt, Trump and the GOP failed to get on the same page and the replacement bill was so disliked that it never even came up for a vote. Fast forward to earlier this month and the bill passed the House, mostly along party lines. According to NPR on May 24, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) as issued their score and review, and it's bad news for millions of Americans.

According to the report from the CBO, 23 million Americans who would have previously been covered under the Affordable Care Act will lose their insurance over the next decade. CBO estimates also point out that close to 14 million Americans would instantly lose their coverage if the bill passes in its current form through the Senate and to Donald Trump's desk for a signature.

The one expected talking point for Republicans to come out of the CBO report is that the deficit is projected to decrease by nearly $120 million by 2026.

Twitter reacts

In response to the CBO score of the TrumpCare bill, social media users were't happy with the news and didn't hold back their thoughts.

"51 million people without healthcare would be a disaster," Jason Kander tweeted out.

"Most that would lose insurance under TrumpCare are poor. The bill screws poor people to give tax cuts to rich people," Brian Klass wrote on his Twitter account.

"To everyone who danced & drank beer in the garden when you signed a bill that 23 million would lose health coverage...F*ck you," Tony Posnanski added.

"#TrumpCare isn't actually a health care bill but rather a tax cut for the ultra-rich masquerading as health reform," Martin Heinrich wrote. "My god...," MSNBC host Joy Reid tweeted, while posting additional information about the CBO score. The backlash continued as it appeared the results of Donald Trump's healthcare bill were not well-received.