Last week on a new episode of "Dancing With the Stars," Simone Biles made a comment that shocked the world. She said that "smiles don't win you gold medals." It sounded like something she may have heard before, but a lot of people were surprised to hear her say it. Now, her partner Sasha Farber is speaking out about what Simone had to say and his thoughts

Sasha heads to Instagram to share his thoughts

Sasha Farber started out calling Simon Biles words "wise." He doesn't seem upset by what she had to say at all. He started out saying, "Sacrifice, determination, perseverance and continues hard work is what brings you closer to achieving your goals.

Nothing in life is easy you have to work hard for it, that be in gymnastics, dance or school in anything really." After that, Sasha explained that you shouldn't be afraid to work hard and dream. He agrees that it takes a lot more than a smile to win something big like this or a gold medal in the Olympics. Where some people took her comment negative, it is obvious that Sasha thinks she is doing a great job.

Sasha Farber is proud of Simone Biles

After that, Sasha went on to say that he thinks that Simone Biles is able to make her dances look effortless because of all of the hard work that she puts into it. He said that she practices what she preaches. It is obvious that he is really proud of her and the dancer she has become on the show.

As of right now, Simone Biles has made it to the semi-finals on "Dancing With the Stars, " and the fans can't wait to see if she can win it all. She does stand a good chance, but she is also up against some pretty tough competition. Regardless of if she wins or not, Simone Biles proved that she has learned how to be a dancer and her hard work and dedication has paid off.

Simone Biles freely admits that some things on the show are hard for her. She has spent her entire life growing up in a gym and hasn't experienced a lot of emotions like dating and having a normal teenage life. Simone admitted that at the age of twenty, she is just now starting to date. She seems to be really enjoying her time on "DWTS" and has become an amazing dancer during her time on the show.

The fans would love to see her out on the tour this summer, but so far Simone hasn't revealed if she is joining it or not.

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