After being on the job only a couple of days, reports are out that Ryan Seacrest was not Kelly Ripa's first choice to be her co-host on "Live." Ripa had hosted the daytime Talk Show for almost a year with about 68 different guest co-hosts. She reportedly had others in mind as possibilities for being her permanent co-host, and Seacrest was not among her choices, according to Radar Online.

Many people thought it was the sole responsibility of Kelly Ripa, 46, to choose her co-host. That was not the case at all. Having Seacrest, 42, sitting beside her each weekday was not Kelly's decision or her first choice.

During her announcement on Monday, May 1, she made it seem like she was so happy to have Ryan as her partner, but some say it was all an act. Remember, she used to act on "All My Children." Perhaps she has not forgotten the skill.

Whose choice was Seacrest?

Reliable sources say Seacrest's position was the choice of ABC's president, Ben Sherwood. Ripa wanted someone who was less well-known and someone she could boss around. Seacrest has as much, or perhaps more, star power. Besides, he is now executive producer of the show with as much leverage as she has. She definitely has seniority on the show, but Seacrest's fanbase is just as important for viewers to keep watching the show.

Kelly's choices

Even before Kelly had so many guest co-hosts, she knew who she preferred to work with.

She had her favorites, including Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, Jimmy Kimmel and her husband Mark Consuelos. However, they have their own shows and other assignments. Even though Kelly had her choices in mind, it was ultimately the choice of ABC's president.

Ryan Seacrest might not have been Kelly's first choice for her permanent co-host, but they will probably get along just fine on the show because Ryan is a good sport.

He has been around a long time, and he knows a lot about show business and hosting shows. When it comes to dressing up in Halloween costumes and participating in exercise sessions and other physical activities, he is probably up for the challenge.

Wendy Williams, who is outspoken about celebrities, voiced her opinion on her show on Monday.

She said she didn't think Kelly and Ryan were a good match because she is married with three children that she is always talking about. Since Ryan is single, he won't be able to interact or share much personal information because he is a very busy man when it comes to work.

Former co-host Michael Strahan was single, but he had been married and has children so he could jump into those conversations. Williams concluded that Ryan is too boring to be a talk show host. Of course, that's Wendy's opinion, and she does have a lot of them.