Even before Donald Trump was a candidate for president, his feud with actress and talk show host Rosie O'Donnell was well known. After Trump once again brought O'Donnell's name back into the fight, the former co-host of "The View" decided to respond.

Rosie vs Trump

From the day Donald Trump announced that he was going to run for president back in the summer of 2015, it was clear that he wasn't going to be in the good graces of the celebrities and stars in Hollywood. During Trump's kick off speech, he spoke about his plans for immigration reform, while labeling those who enter the United States illegally from Mexico as "murderers" and "rapists." Ever since that day, the more liberal-leaning Hollywood has spoken out against the former host of "The Apprentice," from movie stars, singers, writers, authors, directors, and more.

While there have been many celebrities who have used their popularity to criticize Trump on a routine basis across social media, like George Takei, Michael Moore, and Rob Reiner, no one has had such a lengthy and public feud with him like Rosie O'Donnell. Over the last two years, O'Donnell has used her following of over one million people to push back at the president, and doesn't look to be slowing down. On Thursday afternoon, Trump took a shot at O'Donnell during one of his many tweets, which resulted in the actress giving her rebuttal during a May 11 Twitter message of her own.

Donald Trump's tweet was part of his defense for firing James Comey as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Trump re-tweeted Rosie O'Donnell's remarks from November where she called for Comey to be fired after bringing up damaging remarks about Hillary Clinton so close to the election. Trump used the tweet in an attempt to point out alleged hypocrisy of his liberal critics.

Rosie's reply

In a text message to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, Rosie O'Donnell didn't hold back her thoughts on Donald Trump.

"It's a clear indication of his seriously declining mental health," O'Donnell said, before adding, "this is no joke."

Not long after, Rosie O'Donnell took to her own Twitter account to further elaborate on the issue, sending a direct tweet to Donald Trump in the process.

"U don't even realize the kind of trouble u r in - comeys people believe in him - for real - they have the proof," she wrote, while stating, "u r a sadistic man." In addition to O'Donnell's tweet, Trump's name once again went viral on social media as celebrities and many others voiced their opposition to the commander in chief, whose approval rating is hovering around just 40 percent.