Over the last 48 hours, the headlines have been dominated by the news that James Comey was fired as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). As Donald Trump continues to defend himself from the onslaught of criticism, he's decided to go after one of his most high-profile rivals.

Trump on Twitter

The 2016 presidential election will be remembered for a lot of things, as the candidacy of Donald Trump changed the landscape of American politics. Throughout the nearly two years that he ran his campaign, the former host of "The Apprentice" captivated the attention of the media like no other candidate before him.

While Trump was able to build momentum, it didn't come without opposition. During the first Republican primary debate, Trump was pressed on his past comments about women, most notably referring to them as "dogs" and "pigs." In response, Trump simply replied, "only Rosie O'Donnell." Trump's feud with O'Donnell has been well-documented, and has only increased over the last year. Following Trump's election win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, O'Donnell commented that 10-year-old Barron Trump looked as if he suffered from autism. Trump supporters lashed out at the former co-host of "The View," demanding an apology in the process. Fast forward to present day and the president is now using an old tweet from O'Donnell as part of his defense for firing James Comey, which was evident in a May 11 Twitter post.

Returning to Twitter on Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump used Rosie O'Donnell to back up his termination of James Comey as the head of the FBI. "We finally agree on something Rosie,"Trump tweeted out, before re-tweeting an old O'Donnell Twitter message from last November where she wrote "FIRE COMEY." The controversy surrounding Comey has been mixed depending on political affiliation.

Democrats were once supportive of Comey losing his job, but are pushing back at Trump's decision due to the fact that he was leading the investigation into Russia's role in hacking the Democratic National Committee during the election.

Twitter reacts

In response to Donald Trump reigniting his feud with Rosie O'Donnell, social media users decided to fire back.

"You keep .@Rosie's name out of your mouth," author Holly O'Reilly tweeted, before adding, "The FBI is literally storming the Strategic Campaign Group and you are trolling .@rosie.What is wrong with you?"

"Whenever I worry I'm being a petty bitch I just look at your tweets and I feel so much better," comedian Sara Schaefer wrote on her Twitter account, while noting, "you truly are such a basic bitch it's astounding." "Isn't there an age limit to be President?

Somehow America elected a 5-year-old," comedy writer Nick Jack Pappas replied, also stating, "Trump has nothing bad to say about Putin, but has time for the country's greatest threat, Rosie O'Donnell." The negative reaction continued, as many Americans don't seem willing to back off Donald Trump and his Twitter trigger finger.