Actor Robert Carradine, best known for "Revenge of the Nerds" as Lewis Skolnick, has allegedly confessed to deliberately attempting to kill his wife Edith along with his self in a head-on collision with a semi-truck in March of 2015 according to Edith.

TMZ reports, Edith Carradine has revealed amidst a nasty divorce, that four months following the horrific accident in 2015 she confronted her husband Robert about the accident, where she claims he confessed to her and the children he purposely drove their vehicle head on into the semi-truck fully intending to kill them both.

'Revenge of the Nerd's star Robert Carradine's wife reveals he confessed to attempting to kill her.

Edith goes on revealing that her husband Robert is a very experienced, and professional race car driver, so it took her by complete shock when he suddenly steered their car into the path of the large truck. What was behind Robert Carradine's murderous attempt? Edith reveals that Robert had been suffering from severe depression for a few years at the time of the accident.

Depression behind celebrity death attempt?

The celebrity news site claim Robert's wife reveals his depression was brought on by the shocking death of his brother "Kung Fu" star David Carradine back in 2009. David Carradine was found dead in 2009 at the age of 72 in a hotel room Bangkok, Thailand where he was on location filming his latest film "Stretch."

Police reports revealed that David was found and hanging by a rope in the hotel room closet.

It was first believed that the actor had committed suicide, but following an autopsy and investigation, it was later revealed that David had died an accident as a result of autoerotic asphyxiation.

Court docs reveal that Edith Carradine wants Robert's gun collection, namely because she is afraid that he will use them to harm himself, his guitar collection, and she wants cash.

Edith states that she has no money, no job and owes over $14,000 to her lawyer.

Last year, Robert accused Edith of going through the couple's storage building taking expensive and prized possessions from him to sell. Robert stated he noticed the key to the storage facility missing and had a hunch he should check int things.

He claims that after phoning the storage company, he was informed that his wife and son had been there removing items from the building. He wants his possession returned along with a rubber stamp of his signature that he also claims his estranged wife has been using.

This is getting to be a very messy celebrity divorce and it looks as if the gloves have come off completely now, hopefully, the two will be able to come to some amicable agreement soon. They were married 25-years and have two grown children.