Prince William and Kate Middleton have been criticized with different divorce rumors for the past years. However, in one of the latest headlines, it has been said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now planning to take a secret Marriage Counseling session in order to save their marriage. The couple has been hit by reports that their marriage is in great trouble following the news that the prince has been caught having night outs with friends in Switzerland this March.

The couple undergoes secret therapy sessions?

The royal couple divorce news has been making the headlines for a long time.

But recently, despite how many times the couple slammed such rumors, one of the news from Celebeat revealed that Middleton could not forgive Prince William with his recent scandal involving a model named Sophie Taylor.

It has been reported that the Duchess of Cambridge has been embarrassed with the actions portrayed by Prince William while they were away from each other. However, on the other hand, some reports also claimed that the couple is not going to have a divorce nor going to take marriage counseling sessions.

The Prince was never caught flirting with other girls especially to Taylor. Further, one report also claimed that Prince William was out with a group and he was not alone as what most of the news sites have been reporting.

One of the publications also revealed that there is no way to prove that Prince William and Kate Middleton have been fighting over these latest rumors.

Kate Middleton is struggling to forgive husband

One of the reports claimed that the 34-year old royal prince hasn't attended the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in order to have a ski trip with male friends in Switzerland.

However, amidst that short vacation, Middleton has been horrified with what the Prince did in the night club. Right now, Prince William has been nothing but a loving husband while trying to make amends with her wife.

In one of their interviews at BBC1, both of them played a normal couple, however, the discomfort in the face of Middleton is very much evident.

Reports revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge is currently struggling to forgive the Prince. One of the sources also shared that she has been humiliated and part of the marriage therapy that they are into is for Prince William to make a public gesture that will repair all the damage.

Further, some reports also claimed that while the royal couple has not made any comments about the news yet, their actions toward each other speaks volumes.