Prince William made headlines earlier this week when a video surfaced showing him dancing in a club in Verbier, Switzerland. Usually, it is his brother Prince Harry who is spotted dancing or partying with friends. People commented on the dad dancing as well as other things surrounding the unusual activity of the 34-year-old Duke Of Cambridge who is the second in line to the throne of England.

Why Prince was criticized?

People criticized Prince William because instead of attending a Commonwealth Day service, he chose to go skiing with friends. Commonwealth Day is one of Queen Elizabeth's most important events of the year.

Besides, it is reported that the Duke has attended only 13 royal events so far this year compared to his 90-year-old grandmother who has made 24 appearances after suffering a serious illness at the beginning of the year. According to Vanity Fair, Prince William's behavior has been described as significant and controversial.

Kate Middleton's reaction

Kate was less than pleased when she found out about her husband's behavior at the nightclub. Not only was he dancing, but he was caught on camera putting his hand on the waist of a woman at the club. Another tape surfaced where he was dancing with a blonde believed to be 24-year-old Australian lingerie model Sophie Taylor. He was allegedly dancing and flirting with her including giving her a high five.

At one point, he took her cowboy hat and put it on his head. A female dancer was seen performing a sexy dance move that is called the "Slut Drop."

It is believed to be at least five videos that captured those moves of Prince William who has some explaining to do. According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Kate Middleton is far from pleased with the news about her husband's antics.

Kate thought her husband's partying days with his friends were over. However, this is the first time in a long time that the father of two has been in the news for this kind of behavior.

One person in the club said Prince William was dancing so wildly that people were doing a double take to make sure it really was him. Before long, everyone knew they weren't seeing double. They were partying with Prince William instead of a lookalike.