"Pretty Little Liars" is going all out for the final episodes. Fans have been sitting on theories for several months now and finally, the truths are being revealed. Allison's (Sasha Pieterse) baby has been in question since the announcement she was pregnant. While it was assumed that Archer (Huw Collins) was the father, there were some questions about whether or not Allison was the baby's mother. After taking her turn on the board game, the truth was revealed.

Allison remembers a traumatic event

When Allison took her turn, "Pretty Little Liars" fans were unsure about what was going to happen.

A.D. wants her to have the baby and wasn't going to let the abortion appointment happen. After doing what was necessary to get her puzzle piece, Allison learned that the baby she is carrying was Emily's (Shay Mitchell). This allowed for a flashback to a procedure she had while she was locked away. Emily's eggs were stolen and it was only a matter of time before "Pretty Little Liars" writers connected the dots. According to TV Guide, fans were hot on the case of Emily being the biological mother of the child Allison is carrying.

The biggest question for "Pretty Little Liars" fans now is about who fathered the baby. Is it really Archer's child and if so, why did he choose Emily to be the mother over Allison.

He was in love with Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) and Allison would have been the perfect one to mother the baby because they were related. Now that Archer is dead, there is plenty left unanswered. The liars are all bent out of shape with the news and now, the baby is there to come in between Emily and Paige (Lindsey Shaw) once again.

What is Aria thinking?

Aria (Lucy Hale) has been a huge suspect in the A mystery since the beginning. Fans have believed she was working with A at some point and now, it appears that the "Pretty Little Liars" writers have made that reveal. Aria will not be a part of the game as long as she helps Addison (Ava Allan) do what she needs her to do.

When the liars find out what has been happening and what Aria is trying to do to save herself at the expense of her friends, things will never be the same.

As the final "Pretty Little Liars" episodes wind down, there are so many questions among fans. Who will A.D. turn out to be? It is being implied that Addison is the mastermind, but she is just the mouthpiece for whoever is really out to get the liars. Who will be the one to bust Aria out for trading sides to save her own skin?