"Preacher" season 2 will premiere soon, and fans can't wait. Just a month after the premiere season of ending, the show was renewed for Season 2, which was highly expected. The received largely positive reviews and even got an approval rating of 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Season 1 ended with the trio on a trip to the unknown to find God. "Preacher" season 2 is said to pick up from the trip.

The series is based on a popular DC Vertigo cult comic book, which tells the story about a preacher in Annville, Texas, named Jesse Custer. Jesse is possessed by Genesis, a supernatural creature, who is a product of an angel and a demon.

Jesse then goes on to a journey to find God to see why he has abandoned Heaven the moment Genesis was born.

Saint of Killers is unleashed

If you are not a comic book fan, please be warned that there are spoilers below. Towards the end of season 1, fans saw Cowboy released from his torment, but he has a mission. He has to kill Jesse. However, Cowboy killed an angel when he tried to get out of Hell. Comic fans would know that Cowboy is also known by his other name, Saint of Killers. Now, a recently released promo for "Preacher" season 2 shows the Saint is someone that should be feared because unfortunately, he is one of the few who cannot be dismissed by Jesse's "word of God."

The series already showed that the Saint could kill any celestial beings with his gun.

In the comic book, Saint's outrage over his death could cause Hell to freeze over. No less than the Angel of Death gave him his weapons, and as a matter of fact, Saint's first ever victim is Satan. This just shows just how powerful he is.

Cowboy or Saint of Killers is coming for Jesse

If all that is not enough, here's worse - Saint cannot be killed or given orders to.

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The teaser for the upcoming season shows that Saint is coming to get Jesse. The trailer also hinted that Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip, as well as the Grail, along with law enforcement officers, are going to face huge problems.

"Preacher" season 2 will show the return of Dominic Cooper (Jesse Custer), Josh Gilgun, Ruth Negga, and Graham McTavish.

In a recent interview with Empire, Cooper said that it feels like they are working on a different show because the tone of the upcoming season is different. He also teased that new characters will be introduced, and there is going to be a deeper backstory as well as a black comedy element. "Preacher" season 2 will premiere on June 25 on AMC.