Ever since it started in 1975, the NBC sketch comedy and variety show now known as “Saturday Night Live” has been a wellspring of some quality humor and, more recently, hard-hitting commentary on social conditions and politics.

A score of comedians and performers have made their home on the show, staying for some seasons before moving on to other things. Such is the case with Bobby Moynihan, who had been an “SNL” regular for a decent nine seasons including the current one. This 42nd season will be coming to a close on May 20, and that also happens to be Moynihan’s final Saturday Night with the crew.

On to new things

Reliable Sources from the production unit of the NBC sketch show confirmed that Bobby Moynihan is indeed set to bid farewell to “Saturday Night Live” when the season 42 finale arrives this coming Saturday. Then again, it wasn’t a complete surprise when one follows recent upfront presentations by television networks.

Moynihan is already engaged with some voice acting work for the reboot animated series “DuckTales” on Disney XD, providing the voice of Donald Duck’s nephew, Louie. But he has also been slated to appear in a new show starting this fall on CBS.

Entitled “Me, Myself, and I,” the upcoming comedy series centers on one man, and the storyline device follows him at three different points in his life within a 50-year period.

Moynihan is portraying the main character as a 40-year-old adult, while John Larroquette plays his older middle-aged self.

The “SNL” regular himself was present along with his fellow cast members during the CBS presentation for the new show. “Me, Myself and I” is being produced by Kapital Entertainment in tandem with Warner Brothers Television, with executive producers Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor, series writer Dan Kopelman and pilot episode director Randall Einhorn.

Talent and writer

Bobby Moynihan’s nine-season tenure has made him one of the most veteran cast members of “Saturday Night Live.” He also racked up credits both in front of and behind the camera. His on-screen sketch impersonations included New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Guy Fieri from the Food Network and the Drunk Uncle character.

Moynihan also co-wrote some “SNL” sketches that have been highly acclaimed, like the Kylo Ren “Undercover Boss” and “David S. Pumpkins” in the Tom Hanks episode.

The final bow for Moynihan on May 20 features Dwayne Johnson on hosting duty, with Katy Perry as musical guest. With his departure following the season 42 finale, the only other long-runner in the cast moving into the next “SNL” season is Kenan Thompson, who has been on board for 14.