Niantic revealed new details about a new event for their wildly popular "Pokemon GO" application. According to the leaked information, Niantic will launch in the next few hours a new update, which includes a great event in the game. For a few weeks trainers and users of this exciting app have been waiting for something new, however, Niantic was not expected to surprise them this way and more with a new event. Recently, much of the speculation regarding the app of "Pokemon GO" centered around promo codes, but this upcoming announcement appears to be about something completely different.

The new event confirmed by Niantic

According to the detailed information by Niantic in its news portal, the new event “Pokémon GOGrass Type, will be available from next Friday, May 5 of this year, however, it will have a short duration. According to the leaked information, the trainers will have a maximum of three days to take full advantage of interesting bonuses, which will be included in this new event.

Interesting new findings

New data reveals that Prof. Willow's in-depth research on Pokémon habitat worldwide has resulted in important new findings. According to Niantic, his reports indicate that we will see a large influx of Grass-type Pokémon this weekend, so he urges trainers and “Pokémon GO” players to prepare for the arrival of these Pokémon originally found in the Johto region.

New Shiny Pokémon coming to the game

According to a source close to Niantic, the company in charge of this app is working on the launch of new Shiny Pokémon, so that, in agreement with this, this type of Pokémon will continue to appear in the game, however, no official dates have been confirmed as of this writing.

It should be mentioned that Niantic leaked the image of a brilliant Bulbasaur for the Bloom Grass event around the world, however, it is not yet known for sure if this Pokémon will be included in the new event.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.