It looks like Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are getting closer on the set of “Outlander” season 3. In fact, their incredible bond can be seen on their Twitter pages as they playfully exchange flirty tweets. Fans of Jamie and Claire Fraser, the stars respective roles in the television series, get hoity-toity seeing their favorite characters being too funny online. From the looks of it, it seems that there are a lot going on behind the scenes that viewers don’t get to see.

Heughan and Balfe exchange funny tweets

On his Twitter page, Sam Heughan told his followers that he celebrated his birthday last week on the set of “Outlander” Season 3.

As the show needs a lot of stunts, the 37-year-old actor narrated that he has suffered a number of mild injuries while filming some risky scenes.

It is clear that Heughan has also had some sleepless nights due to continuous shooting. The Scottish actor talked about his inability to catch a proper sleep while filming. Then Balfe started to make fun of his tweets.

He began tweeting a scenario where he was hearing his character’s name, Frasier, being called while he was snoozing deeply. The 37-year-old actress, then, responded with a silly tweet saying, “I’ll see your Zzzz and raise you Zzzz?” with a lot of question marks. The two had a lengthy exchange of tweets — even fans tried to engage.

More intimate scenes coming

Moreover, as fans can evidently see how comfortable and sweet Balfe and Heughan are together, they can expect more intimate scenes between the two in the coming season of “Outlander.” The viewers have said that the show’s previous season lacked romantic sequences of Claire and Jamie, so they would love to see more.

Alternatively, the “Money Monster” actress admitted that there was indeed a deficient amount of romance in the show’s second chapter. According to Celebrity Insider, the Irish model heard that fans were upset when they “missed a lot of the intimacy” between the two much-loved characters. In fact, she even said that they, too, were expecting more of it.

The beginning of the prior episode was focused more on politics than Jamie and Claire’s romance. The show had a lot of “iconic fan moments” that they actually looked forward to. Some sequences were not even included. So for the coming third season, Balfe revealed that they are about to give their fans what they really want to see. “There will be some other sex going on,” she said.