Outlander” Season 3 is still filming, but Starz now revealed the newest addition to “Outlander” Season 4’s cast. The network just revealed the photo of the two puppies that will undergo training as early as now to play the role of Rollo.

The Northern Inuit puppies will take turns to play as a hybrid wolf that will become a much-loved member of the Fraser family. These dogs will play a major role in the coming fourth chapter of the television series based on Diana Gabaldon’s “Drums of Autumn” novel.

The fourth season’s new cast

A spokesman from Starz described to Entertainment Weekly the role of Rollo as a dog that likes to get itself into troubles and always going to places that it should not be into.

“The dog will play a key part in the adventure that lies ahead,” the spokesperson said.

Not everyone has read Gabaldon’s novel, thus in an interview with the said publication, the author talked about the role of these puppies in “Outlander” Season 4. The 65-year-old novelist described them as cute but tough dogs. The canines need to learn how to growl, look frightening on command, and carry its own prey to its human.

She even joked that she believed that its trainers would not allow them to catch anything not needed while filming, so the training is a must. In the book, Rollo will first encounter the Young Ian Murray (John Bell) on the docks in North Carolina when he won a card game. From here, a close bond will be developed that made him be part of their family.

Moreover, Starz has yet to reveal the official synopsis of “Outlander” Season 4. But, the book’s, “Drums of Autumn,” plotline said that Claire, Jamie, and Young Ian will be looking for a new place for themselves in North Carolina. They will be crossing the dangerous line between the patronage of Governor Tryon and her knowledge of the developing revolution in America through the help of Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta and her obligations on her slave-run plantation.

The start of the third chapter

Meanwhile, “Outlander” Season 3’s cast will be gracing the upcoming Comic-Con in San Diego in July. The stars will be talking about the show’s return and the new adventures Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) will be facing. The new chapter will exactly pick-up where Claire started to travel through the stones to get back to her life in the 1940s.

Here, she will be seen giving birth to Jamie’s daughter Brianna while trying to continue her relationship with her first husband Frank (Tobias Menzies). The male protagonist, on the other hand, is experiencing the aftermath of his fight at the historical Battle of Culloden and even thinking the loss of the love of her life.