One of the funniest aspects of the firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Trump is how the left is tying itself in knots to make Comey the victim and Trump the bad guy. This phenomenon is happening after months of demanding Comey’s head for allegedly handing the election to Trump by talking too much about the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. Things got so bad that Stephen Colbert, who has made the monolog of “The Late Show” into a nightly two-minute hate against the president, was tripped up when he had announced the firing that had happened minutes before taping.

The audience, which had not been briefed on the new talking points, stood up and cheered. At last the wicked man who denied Hillary Clinton the presidency by revealing too much about her misdeeds had gotten what was coming to him.

Colbert, to his credit, quickly recovered and quipped that there must be a lot of Trump supporters in the audience. This statement was more confusing than funny. If there were any Trump supporters in Colbert’s audience, they were keeping quiet about it. Colbert went on to explain the new talking points, that Comey is now one of the good guys who was fired by the evil President Trump because he was on the verge of finding out that the Donald is Vladimir Putin’s Manchurian Candidate.

George Orwell once described how it works. In “1984” half the time Oceana is at war with East Asia and half the time it is at war with Eurasia. The change can happen on a dime, but the citizens of Oceana have been so conditioned that one fact can be replaced with the opposite fact in their brains as if flipping a switch. Oceana is at war with East Asia and has always been at war with East Asia until it is at war with Eurasia and has always been at war with Eurasia.

James Comey was a skunk and had always been one. Now Comey is a hero and has always been one.

Fortunately, the worldwide tyranny depicted in “1984” does not exist. America has a diverse, free press and technological tools like YouTube to remind people that being against James Comey before being for him is not exactly a tenable position to take.

To be sure, Trump suffers from much the same syndrome but in the opposite direction. Comey used to be a friend from exposing Hillary Clinton’s various crimes, though he was also a creep for not recommending that she be prosecuted. Now Comey is a drag on the integrity of the FBI and therefore has to go. He has always been so.