"Once Upon a Time" opened with an interesting premise: what if Rumplestiltskin were actually a savior, and his magic was meant to be light instead of dark? The show opened with the Black Fairy giving birth as Fiona when she was still human. Tiger Lily appears with the Blue Fairy (Mother Superior). Tiger Lily is Rumplestiltskin's fairy godmother and is there to protect him.

Inside the past of the Black Fairy

In a flashback, it is revealed that Rumplestiltskin is The Savior. His mother has been reading as many fairy books as she can because she discovered that he will end up being killed at a later time.

She is seeking a way to protect Rumplestiltskin. Tiger Lily tells her that it's her (Tiger Lily's) job to protect the Savior because it has to be someone with magical powers and not a human. Fiona cons Tiger Lily out of her wand and then changes herself into a fairy. Later Fiona and Tiger Lily go in search of a baby with a crescent symbol, as this is the person that is destined to kill Rumplestiltskin.

Rumplestiltskin manages to revive Mother Superior after using the egg of a baby dragon that never hatches. His goal is to get Gideon's heart back so that the Black Fairy no longer controls him. The Black Fairy tricks the people in Rumplestiltskin's shop into believing she is Snow White. She then disappears with the Blue Fairy because the Blue Fairy has knowledge that she needs.

Emma decides she wants to go after the Black Fairy. Rumplestiltskin tries to get Gideon to tell him where the heart is located. To save Gideon, Rumplestiltskin uses dream dust to take him and Emma into Gideon's dreams to find answers. They return to the home where Rumplestiltskin was born. They are also looking for Gideon, and they find him so that they can ask where Gideon's heart is.

What is the Black Fairy's deepest, darkest secret?

The Black Fairy (Fiona) takes the Blue Fairy into the mines. Fiona plans to use her tools to get information from the Blue Fairy even if it means torturing her to find out what she knows. In Gideon's dreams, he reveals that the real reason that Rumplestiltskin is there is to reveal Fiona's deepest, darkest, secret, and that's why she gave him up and left.

Regina, Snow White, Killian (Hook), and Prince Charming are looking for the Blue Fairy's wand. They can use it to defeat Fiona. Regina and Fiona fight, and Fiona knocks Regina to the ground. Zelena shows up just in time to prevent the Black Fairy from killing Regina by hitting the Black Fairy with a car.

Rumplestiltskin goes deeper into the dreams and finds Tiger Lily and Fiona in the Secret Vault of the Fairies. Tiger Lily discovers that Fiona is planning to cast a curse to protect Rumplestiltskin. She takes Tiger Lily's heart, and when she does, she becomes the Black Fairy. Fiona discovers that she is wearing the crescent mark from the prophecy and has become the Great Evil. She and Rumplestiltskin are destined to fight, and they will destroy one another. Will Rumplestiltskin become the Savior again? Will he and the Black Fairy destroy one another?

"Once Upon a Time" airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.