There were a ton of rumors flying that Bonner Bolton had a thing for Sharna Burgess this last season on "Dancing With the Stars," but he later revealed she isn't the girl he had the hots for on this season of the show. Sharna and Bonner did get along well, but they were not meant for each other. Bonner was actually interested in Normani Kordei of Fifth Harmony, who was also competing on the show. He wasn't shy about the fact that he wanted to go out on a Date with her when they were done with the show.

What did Normani Kordei have to say about dating Bonner?

Normani Kordei shared that Bonner did ask her out on a date and she said "yes." It doesn't sound like they have been on a date just yet, but it is happening.

At the time of her interview, she hadn't been out with him yet. Now the fans are hoping that Normani will share all of the details. She wants to see how things go for them. Nromani is very busy with touring with Fifth Harmony. She was able to do that along with "Dancing With the Stars," though so she may have time to go on a date or two.

Kelly Ripa thought that it would be a great idea for Normani Kordei to invite Bonner to head to Vegas with her. She actually really liked this idea and said she might go for it. This could make for a very interesting first date. Maybe they will share pictures on social networks of what they do on their big night out. If this couple ends up finding love on "Dancing With the Stars," that would be great. Love connections have happened on the show before.

When did Bonner share that he wanted to date Normani?

While on Entertainment Tonight, Bonner Bolton first shared that he wanted to date her. He said, "I think she is a beautiful lady, and if she asked me out on a date, I would sure enough go." Val Chmerkovskiy shared that he has a few restrictions on these two going on a date. He got really close to Normani while they were partners on the show.

He shared that he would need to know exactly where their date was at and no drinking would be allowed at all because Normani is younger and not even able to legally drink just yet. Val might decide to tag along on this date and make sure that Bonner acts like a gentleman.

Are you shocked to hear that Normani Kordei is going to go on a date with Bonner Bolton?

Do you think that these two could be a great match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Now that "Dancing With the Stars" is over you can watch new episodes of "The Bachelorette" on Monday nights on ABC.

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