Recently, the folks over at TV Line revealed some new spoiler info that we can expect to see take place in the upcoming "The Walking Dead" season 8.

Apparently, there were some casting call notices that went out towards the end of April 2017 for a few recurring characters that they want to throw into this crazy mix. They're supposed to be good guys so maybe they'll be helping out Rick's crew. They didn't reveal that info so we don't know for sure.

Dillon is coming

The name of the first guy is Dillon. He's described as being a sexy, blue-collar twentysomething that has a particular set of survival skills that includes sarcasm.

That's all they mentioned in reference to his survival skills. The big question that we're left with is who will Dillon be working with? How long will it take for him to get killed off?

Luckily, we do have a little insight into this. Again, he's supposedly a good guy so he'll most likely be helping out Rick's crew. As for how long he'll remain alive, we definitely don't have an answer for that one.

No one is really safe on this show. However, the casting notice did mention that one of these two characters could get picked up to show up in future seasons. That also tells us that this show isn't ending anytime soon. This show must continue forever!

Abbud's nerves are jangled

Let's go ahead and get into the other character they want to bring on.

His name is Abbud. He's described as being an innately likable Muslim American. They describe his nerves as being "jangled."

Now, I have no shame in telling you guys that I had to look up the exact meaning of jangled because I had never heard that word used in reference to nerves. What can I say? You learn something new everyday.

Jangled means to become irritated or upset so this Abbud character is going to be a very irritable type of person.

They say it will be because he's been working solo for way too long in the zombie apocalypse.

He will not last as long

Since Abbud does have this less friendly attitude about him, the folks at TV Line believe he might be the one to not last as long.

However, to play Devil's advocate, Abbud has been flying solo and may have a better skill set at handling dangerous situations.

You just never really know who they'll decide to abruptly kill off in this wild series.

Less Rosita in season 8

Additionally, we're hearing from the folks over at that the Rosita character played by actress Christian Serratos is going to be presumably MIA for a good part of season 8 because she got knocked up by her musician boyfriend David Boyd. She also hasn't been seen on the set for the season 8 filming which has already started up.

Rosita got shot in the season 7 finale episode so they believe that she'll most likely be getting nursed back to health until Christian is ready to come back. Season 8 is set to debut this Fall 2017. Stay tuned.

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