Will "Last Man Standing" be renewed and "The Mick" on Fox be canceled? This is something a group is hoping to urge the Fox network to do. When it was announced that the Tim Allen comedy was canceled a few weeks ago, fans were shocked and outraged. The ratings hit was unexpectedly axed from ABC's programming schedule. The studio's top entertainment executive denied that conservative politics played a role in the decision to cancel it, however. It was said that comedies were being wiped off the slate for Friday nights.

Group wants Fox to replace one program for Allen's show

Parents TV Council sent out a news release Tuesday suggesting that if Fox canceled "The Mick" and replaced it with "Last Man Standing," then “it would be a win-win-win, and how often can we say that?” The letter was possibly thought to persuade Fox to consider this avenue after it revealed they were seriously considering airing the series, which is produced by 20th Century Fox. Apparently, they were unable to make it work into their schedule. The PTC had another solution.

PTC deemed in an op-ed that "The Mick" is “socially damaging, culturally bankrupt humor." It feels that the show would be better off scrapped and replaced by a show that centers around traditional American values, which Tim Allen's character as Mike Baxter promoted.

Baxter portrays a devout Christian who supports Donald Trump and is bemused by today's liberal views.

In its news release, the PTC makes it known that "Last Mand Standing isn't perfect, due to them assigning it Yellow Light ratings due to “occasional sexual innuendo and language.” The organization does consider it to be a safer show for families in general and one that has a better message than "The Mick."

Petition still going strong for show's renewal

Hundreds of thousands of fans have signed a Change.org petition calling for a renewal of "Last Man Standing." It has over 382K signatures from people who want to boycott ABC for cancelling their favorite TV show.

They chastise the network for deciding to do away with a show that was one of the few conservatives could relate to. Many believe that liberal bias prevailed in the end.

Will "Last Man Standing" be revived in another way? By virtue of the fact that it was so popular, another network may create a show similar to the series and have Tim Allen in mind to star in it.

The show's cancellation just goes to show that it's not always ratings that dictate a program's fate because this was something no one was prepared for.