Uh oh, "Supernatural" fans. Some major stuff is going to go down in these final episodes 22 and 23 of the current Season 12 when this fight between the American and British hunters finally comes to a freaking head. Elsewhere, we're going to see Lucifer go to war with Dean, Sam, and Castiel in an effort to make sure he can control his child that has yet to be born, and more! Just like a couple of other shows, they're going to air the last two episodes back to back, on the same night to give us a big two-hour finale event! As always, we have CW's official press release to thank for the storyline spoiler teasers.

"Who We Are"

According to CW's latest episode press releases, these final two episodes will be titled: "Who We Are" for episode 22 and "All Along the Watchtower" for episode 23. They, of course, started things off with the episode 22 spoiler scoops, telling us that we're going to see Dean and Sam get caught up in yet another very dangerous situation, and will not have any access to any other outside help! So, they will only be able to rely on each other to get themselves out of this freaking mess.

Will they be able to get themselves out of this crazy trouble? Or will this situation finally get the better of them? What exactly is this crazy situation they've gotten themselves into? These are big questions for this storyline.

Perhaps we might see a glimpse of it in the new preview clip that we expect the CW to deliver up later on tonight after episode 20 gets done airing. Be sure to look out for that.

Real intense

Next, they revealed that things are going to get real intense with this battle that's going on between the British hunters and the American hunters because it's finally going to reach its breaking point.

Who will win out? Will there even be a winner? We're definitely going to have to wait around until the episode airs to get those questions answered. It should give us some very dramatic stuff, though. This episode was directed by John Showalter, and Robert Berens wrote up the script. It is confirmed to air in the 7 pm central time slot next Thursday night, May 18th, 2017 on The CW.

Huge showdown

Now, for the big finale episode 23, they told us that Lucifer is going to be in heavy action with Dean, Sam, and Castiel and that it's going to be epic! Apparently, Lucifer is going to try to battle all of them in a huge showdown, at some point, so that he can hopefully be able to take over control of his currently unborn child! Will Lucifer end up winning out over them? Or will they be able to put an end to his madness? Well, since a new Season 13 is already confirmed, don't be surprised if you see this one end with some sort of cliffhanger. However, we do still hold out a glimmer of hope that we'll see a winner get revealed in this finale.

Episode 23 was directed by Robert Singer, and they got Andrew Dabb to write it up. It's confirmed to air in the 8 pm central time slot right after episode 22 on May 18th. Stay tuned.