Uh oh, guys. This next week's "NCIS: Los Angeles" episode 24 of season 8 is going to get crazy wild, featuring Sam, deciding to split off from the team, so he can have some sort of mental license to confront his arch nemesis, Tahir Khaled, in way to make sure he never tries to attempt what he just did ever,ever again! Also, this is the big season finale episode, so expect to possibly see this one, end off with a huge cliffhanger or something of that nature, because the show did get renewed for a new season 9! Like always, we have CBS' latest episode press release to thank for these storyline spoiler teasers.


The big title reveal for this installment, let us know that it's labeled: "Unleashed." That's no doubt in reference to Sam being unleashed onto Tahir. Speaking of that, it's the one and only storyline they gave us for this one, so lets just get right into it. Apparently, the scene will be set, picking up where the last episode left off, giving us the aftermath of the team rescuing Sam's wife, Michelle Hanna, from the evil hands of Tahir after he and his crew kidnapped her.

Huge attempt

Sam is still, understandably, very pissed off about it. So much, in fact, that he is going to decide that he should split off from the team, so that he can go rogue and make a huge attempt to stop Tahir from ever even thinking about trying to pull off this type of stunt against his family ever again!

Will this big rogue mission, cause Sam to be split from the team forever? Will he be able to successfully stop Tahir for good? What tactics will Sam end up, using in this crazy mission of his? These are the big questions for this storyline. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, they didn't answer those in this synopsis. We're going to have to tune in to see how all this action plays out.

It does sound like it'll be quite intense, though. This season's finale episode was written by R. Scott Gemmill, and John P. Kousakis did the directing.

Kensi's spotted

In addition to the press release, CBS also gave us some official photos for this episode. We've included one of them (above). It, of course, features the man of the hour, Sam, in action, looking like he wants to beat somebody down like nobody's business.

In some of the other photos, we've got Kensi in a couple of scenes, so expect to see her in action as well.

Callen in a scene

They also show Callen in a scene, so we'll be see him too. The Sam storyline will definitely be the main one featured, but we'll definitely see some other ones play out. Hopefully, we'll get a glimpse at some more of them in the preview clip that we expect CBS to drop after episode 23 airs later on, tonight. If not tonight, it will certainly arrive before the episode airs next Sunday. Speaking of airdates, we can confirm that episode 24 is set to air next Sunday night, May 14th,2017 at 9pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned.