Oh my gosh "Lucifer" fans. I think this new episode 16 of season 2 might be the craziest one yet, because someone claiming to be God is going to actually be the prime suspect of a very terrifying murder that has gone down! This will cause Lucifer to have a conflict of feelings towards this person in the midst of trying to find the real culprit. Just like every week, we have the wonderful folks over at FOX to thank for this episode description spoilers, via their press release.

"God Johnson"

It was also revealed that the title of this episode is labeled: "God Johnson." They started it all off by telling us that Lucifer just might have found his father, and they put that part in all capital letters, so it appears that this particular storyline will get quite a bit, if not the most attention in this one.

Insane asylum

From there, they went on to describe a little bit more about this crazy-sounding storyline by letting us know that, at some point, we're going to see that a very grisly murder has taken place at a freaking insane asylum. Later on, somehow, someway, a prime suspect for this awful act will either be found or just show up, claiming to actually be the almighty God (played by guest star Timothy Omundson) of the Holy Bible. Is this man really the true God? Or is he just a fake? It sure sounds like he could be fake. Unfortunately, we won't know for sure until this episode actually airs. This should give us a very intriguing plotline, though.

Real truth

Next, they went on to tell us that this new revelation is going to have Lucifer all shaken up, struggling to determine what his feelings are for this person that could actually be his father.

He'll also be trying to find out what the real truth is while simultaneously trying to hunt down the real murderer of the insane asylum case.

Will Lucifer buy that this man is his father and come to grips with his feelings? Who will the real killer turn out to be. Those are the huge, burning questions for this storyline. It certainly sounds like we're going to have some great scenes to look forward to.

Also, don't forget to be looking for the new preview clip for this episode after episode 15 gets done airing later on, tonight, because it should offer up some extra details for you guys.

Chloe's in action

FOX was also kind enough to release some promotional pics for episode 16. We've included one (above). It features our two, main characters: Chloe and Lucifer, in a scene together, so we know we'll see some new appearances from Chloe to go along with all this crazy, God appearance stuff.

In the other photos, not pictured here, we have a few glimpses of Linda Martin in a couple of scenes with Lucifer.

Maze and Amenadiel spotted

There's solo dolo photos of Maze and Amenadiel in action, so expect to see them at some point. Oh, and I certainly can't forget the one I see that features Charlotte. She's going to be in it too. She's looking pretty intense. I wonder what her deal is. Anyways, we can also confirm that episode 16 is due to show up next Monday night, May 15th,2017 at 8pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.