'My 600lb life' is a reality TV show on TLC which features the different journey of participants to losing weight. Recently, the show featured a before and after photo of the popular star Lupe Donovan which documents her morbidly obese body up to her weight loss surgery. On the other hand, the show also featured the transformation of the Assanti brothers, Justin and Steven. On a good note, over the course of weight loss, Steven definitely looks good now.

Lupe Donovan lost 300 pounds after surgery

Donovan is among the stars whose weight loss journey has been featured on "My 600lb Life." Just recently, the show features her recent transformation, and her photos are simply just inspiring.

It is clear to say that Donovan has lost significant pounds of weight which make her face looks defined right after her Weight Loss Surgery.

Just like any other participants who underwent surgery, Donovan was also left with loose skin and must still continue doing her workout routine for her to achieve her desired weight loss goals. Further, doing so has been hard for Donovan since she has been bedridden due to her hip pain. However, she has to continue to achieve her goal for her to get the approval of skin removal surgery.

Assanti brothers become the most memorable subjects of 'My 600lb Life.'

Assanti brothers, Steven and Justin, have been featured for two consecutive seasons of this TLC series.

Over the journey of the Steven and Justin, avid viewers and fans have confirmed that there would be no more resolution for the obesity of the siblings.

However, amidst speculations, the chance for a possible part 3 is no longer probable.

Despite the bad news, one thing that has been notable for the siblings is their presence on the social media. Steven, who has been known for being erratic, has been posting positive posts lately on Facebook. Justin, on the other hand, has also been active posting online by showing his active and growing business.

The Assanti brothers have become the most striking subjects to be featured in the series.

While an episode 3 is unlikely to follow, fans are still hoping that "Where are They Now" show will feature an episode dedicated to the Assanti sibling. Probably, this will answer all the questions that have been left behind after their weight loss journey ended this season.