After her 800-lb mother's weight loss on "My 600-lb Life", a morbidly obese teen hopes to get bariatric surgery. Charity Pierce worries about her daughter's food addiction and obesity. Since Pierce's life-saving makeover, with skin removal plastic surgery, Charity is enjoying new freedom and would like her daughter Charly Pierce to find that happiness too. Will Dr. Younan Nowzaradan do gastric bypass on the family plan on one so young?

Charity and Charly Pierce underscore dangers of family obesity

Fans of the TLC show "My 600-lb Life" have often noted how caregivers and family of the morbidly obese person are overweight.

Facebook discussions of the reality television show frequently mention family obesity. Cast members Justin and Steven Assanti were a brother duo that weighed 1,400 collectively. Because his obesity wasn't as bad as his brother's, Justin Assanti refused Dr. Now's help. But the Reality TV surgeon told him it was only a matter of time before he catches up. Charity Pierce worries this will happen to her daughter too.

Women face fat-shaming more than men?

Is it easier to see obesity in women vs. men? "My 600-lb Life" shows Charity and Charly on the couch eating, drinking and discussing the girl's desire to diet (the irony wasn't lost on fans). As they talk, a very overweight man walks by perhaps a son or the fiance.

Viewers wondered why no one was talking about his weight problem. Traditionally it's women who seek weight loss to please men. "19 Kids and Counting" mom Michelle Duggar advises it! Overweight partner may shame women into dieting. "Teen Mom 2" star Javi Marroquin encouraged Kailyn Lowry to get tummy tuck, a breast implant and butt lift and other plastic surgery.

Mama June Shannon's ex "Sugar Bear" was equally body-shaming.

Bariatric surgery performed on younger patients

Childhood and adolescent obesity is skyrocketing with over 1/3 of teens overweight. Doctors are performing bariatric surgery on increasingly younger patients. Sean Milliken of "My 600-lb Life" was 25 and Amber Rachdi was 23.

Junk food addiction and consumption of fast food is on the rise too. Makeover shows like "Mama June:From Hot to Not" make gastric bypass surgery look like an easy alternative to diet. Are kids like Honey Boo Boo seeing surgery as a quick fix? Is Charity Pierce doing her daughter more harm than good wishing gastric bypass and skin removal on her daughter?