Rock star Brittani Fulfer proved she could shed a whopping 230 pounds after gastric bypass surgery. But then the TLC "My 600-lb Life" star derailed weight loss and halted skin removal plastic surgery. The frustrated woman revealed after regaining weight what had tripped her up. And it's down to one simple, yet devastating bad habit. Can Brittani get past the hurdle, jumpstart her diet and get back on track for skin removal?

Brittani Fulfer cancels skin removal

After Dr. Younan Nowzaradan performed a gastric sleeve type bariatric surgery, Fulfer went on to shed over one third of her body weight.

She came to "My 600-lb Life" at 605 pounds and lost 230 pounds. And while that's an impressive amount to lose, it still wasn't enough for Dr. Now to do the coveted skin removal surgery. This plastic surgery trims away saggy skin which extreme obesity leaves behind. Weight loss can shed the fat, but it can't tone skin. Even exercise can't fully do that. So cosmetic surgeons do a type of full-body tummy tuck on belly, arms and sides.

Why Brittani Fulfer couldn't get skin removal surgery

When the 32-year-old "My 600-lb Life" patient stopped losing and started gaining, Dr. Now had to put off the procedure. He explained that now it wasn't just loose skin he'd be removing, but fat. After her 300-lb weight loss, Mama June Shannon of "Honey Boo Boo" completed her size 4 makeover with skin removal plastic surgery and a breast implant procedure.

WEtv "From Not to Hot" shows that Shannon had a few false starts when she didn't lose enough weight. She tried to schmooze doctors into doing the tummy tuck but the scale didn't lie. Cosmetic surgeons need patients under a certain weight for tummy tuck or other tightening reconstruction.

Brittani Fulfer faces her kryptonite

On "My 600-lb Life," the bariatric surgeon told Brittani that she would have to get 30 pounds off in one month for him to reschedule surgery.

That sounds like a lot to drop in a month but they don't call him Dr. Now for nothing! The reality television doctor tells patients that their weight is killing them and that they must act quickly to save themselves from obesity related problems like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, etc. And 30 pounds is nothing for Ms.

Brit after her massive post-op weight loss. But there was one problem that kept screwing things up--food addiction. Fulfer said she thinks about eating 24-7 and was a bit disappointed to find, after gastric bypass, that she no longer enjoyed eating as she once did. TLC shows that Brittani found her weight loss and skin removal and shed an eye-popping 330 pounds. She and her husband hope to get pregnant now that she's lost over half her body weight.