"Fuller House" star Jodie Sweetin's ex-fiancé Justin Hodak is going to state prison. The court of Van Nuys in California handed down his sentence of six years and eight months last Friday.

The court also mandated Hodak to undergo a domestic violence anger management program for 52 weeks once he is released. He's also going to be on probation for five years, and he's no longer allowed to own any gun or deadly weapons.

Hodak pleads no contest

Justin Hodak did not contest after the court found him guilty of possession of a Deadly Weapon. He was also charged with threatening a witness by use of force to falsify evidence against him.

Other charges were dismissed because Hodak made a plea deal.

Police arrested Hodak in late March after responding to a potential suicide situation. Court records showed Hodak got into a heated argument with Jodie Sweetin because she ended their engagement. The actress asked him to leave her house because she found out he was back to abusing alcohol and #marijuana. Instead of complying, Hodak threatened to take his life, and that's when things got tense.

But this arrest was not the first; police nabbed Hodak at least two more times for breaking a restraining order. Sweetin claimed her ex-fiancé grew violent whenever they would argue, and he also made a scene at her place of work at the Warner Bros.

studios. The actress said that along with his substance abuse problem, Hodak was also taking steroids, which she believes this affected his temper.

Two years dating

Jodie Sweetin dated Hodak for two years before they announced the engagement in January 2016. It was no secret the pair were both recovering addicts. In her memoir, "Unsweetined," the actress talked about her struggle with drug addiction.

A source close to the actress said the addiction and recovery were what bonded her and Justine Hodak together. “Jodie says she and Justin are a perfect fit, they lean on each other for support," a source close to the actress said.

“We met through mutual friends years ago, and we reconnected a little over two years ago,” Sweetin revealed when she got engaged, as People reported.

At that time the actress was all smiles as she showed off her engagement ring. She believed things were going well in her relationship.

Before meeting her ex, the actress had three marriages, and her struggles were significant factors to these divorces. Still, despite the end of these relationships, Sweetin became a mom to two girls.