Marvel has been hyping up a lot of their new television properties this week, with a strong emphasis on their brand new “Inhumans” television show. A teaser trailer for the new “Inhumans” television show from Marvel was released earlier in the week, along with the first photo of the main cast in their costumes. If that was not enough to tease fans, actor Anson Mount, who is set to play Black Bolt the king of the "Inhumans" civilization, sat down with Entertainment Weekly yesterday to discuss how his silent character will communicate in the new show set to premiere this fall.

Destroying cities with a whisper

“Inhumans” focuses on the royal Inhuman family who live in the moving alien city of Attilan, which is rumored to be located on Earth's moon, similar to the comics. Another Marvel television show “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” has already touched on the history of Inhumans very briefly, but we have still yet to see anything related to the royal family of Attilan. Each Inhuman in Attilan has a special ability and Black Bolt's power is his powerful voice. The king of the Inhumans has the power to level entire cities with merely a whisper, so a lot of fans have been left wondering about how Black Bolt will communicate on the silver screen when the television show debuts.

The actor who plays Black Bolt, Anson Mount from AMC's hit show “Hell on Wheels,” finally revealed that Black Bolt will be using a form of sign language to communicate.

Black Bolt gives us a sign

Anson Mount revealed that he had to prepare for the scenes that he signs in because he could not use American Sign Language. Black Bolt has never lived on Earth, so it is implausible for him to know American Sign Language.

As a result, Mount had to create his own sign system, which he teased in his interview with Entertainment Weekly. Moreover, Mount also went into detail about what fans could expect from the character of Black Bolt, explaining that the king of the Inhumans is a leader who fully understands the devastating capabilities of his powers.

Black Bolt even has to meditate an hour every day to prevent himself from talking in his sleep. Mount has expressed a lot of excitement about his role in the new “Inhumans” television show by recently updating his twitter to display Black Bolt decorations and posting a photo of himself with an "Inhumans" comic book on free comic book day.

The plot has finally been released

Marvel has been attempting to launch the Inhumans property in live action format for several years now. There was a movie originally slated for the third phase of Marvel's movies, before being canceled and followed by years of development turbulence for the television show. The plot for the new “Inhumans” television show was also recently revealed by the producers.

Marvel's “Inhumans” will follow the royal family of Inhumans led by Black Bolt, after they are divided by a military coup orchestrated by Black Bolt's brother Maximus the Mad, played by Iwan Rheon from “Game of Thrones.” Maximus is set to be the main villain of the show with Black Bolt and his loyalists barely escaping to Hawaii where their interactions with the world and humanity could save Earth and themselves. “Inhumans” is set to debut the first two episodes in a major event in IMAX theaters this September, with the rest of the episodes premiering on ABC.