Jacob Roloff, former cast member of the reality TV show “Little People, Big World” condemns the people behind the production and even his own family. The 20-year old blogger turns his back from what he used to believe before, that is, being a Christian

Leaving the reality show

Jacob quit the show “Little People, Big World” for more than two years now and he assured the fans that he will no longer return to the show. Since the time he left, the former reality show star stated a lot of things against the crew and his family. On his Instagram posts and on his blog, Jacob had bad blood towards the TLC show. He finds it funny that the show’s producers are trying to get his family to follow the absurd talking points.

Jacob also felt that for episodes and ratings’ sake, the storylines about the lives of Roloff are loosely drawn up. He added that the crew’s agenda would do no good to the health and happiness of his family. With that in mind, he decided to finally leave the show.

The Roloff family

Jacob Roloff is the son of Matt and Amy Roloff. Their lives have been chronicled for many years now. Also in the show are Jacob’s siblings namely Jeremy, Molly, and Zachary. When it comes to his family in the show, “Little People, Big world,” and in reality, Jacob feels that the people in front of the camera are not his family anymore. To him, they are the Roloff characters and he does not have anything in common with them.

He even commented that when the camera stops rolling, everyone is acting as if they have not played the part.

One instance on his blog post last February 2017, Jacob criticized the producers that made her mother act out the impending separation with his father, when in reality, it already happened. Seeing his mother cry on that episode, Jacob realized that the pseudo-reality kind of acting has a major effect on their real lives.

Though Jacob say a lot of negative things about "LPBW" and Christianity, he did not make the slightest mention of bad things about his family. Instead, in a general context, he is stressing that like him before, his family is just being manipulated.

It is public knowledge, his family is a devout evangelical Christians, Jacob slams that belief now.

He said on his blog that Christians have assumed superiority among others in the belief system and the “I’ll pray for you” cliché is just an empty phrase. He believes that it is all just pretense because for him the root of this sugar-coated concern is their own spiritual security. He has an Instagram account that is intended to discuss what had happened to him when he was still in “Little People, Big World.” He also has a blog that serves as his outlet for everything in his mind and a YouTube channel that features his cross-country road trips.