The producers for the "Limitless" Season 2 reportedly have a concept for the show before it is canceled. Will the show finally get a green light for renewal soon?

According to recent reports, fans of "Limitless" Season 2 have been waiting for good news about the show's future. The viewers are reportedly asking for a new season from the showrunners because of the successful plot in Season 1. Despite the success of Season 1, it seems like the TV series has still not found a new home for the TV show.

What the future lies for 'Limitless' Season 2

There is no doubt that many viewers want to see a Season 2 of "Limitless." However, there are a lot of factors that should be taken seriously, which is why several networks are still thinking as to whether or not, the show should be given another season.

"Limitless" tackles a very controversial NZT pill on the show's storyline. The TV series from the CBS network has started with a very impressive rating during Season 1. Unfortunately, as it proceeded with the episodes, the show's ratings have begun to drop. The low ratings have reportedly affected the series' chances to get a green light for the renewal.

As of this date, the controversial story of "Limitless" is yet to find a new home for the producers to continue the series' Season 2. Several reports claimed that Netflix and Amazon are still making a decision if they should welcome the show to their network because of its controversial storyline.

Producers including Bradley Cooper are not giving up

According to recent reports, the show's producers including Bradley Cooper have not given up, as he thinks the series will be able to find a new network soon. The "Hang Over" actor has been reportedly talking to several networks as he hopes that one of those networks will pick up the series' Season 2.

In line with this, Craig Sweeny, the show's executive producer already has a storyline that is ready for the next season. As per recent reports, Sweeny unveiled that the next season will not be focusing on the life of Brian Finch played by Jake McDorman. Yet, the show will still be tackling about the effects and consequences of the NZT pill, but modifications might be made as well.

As of this writing, there is no confirmation for the show's producers and other networks like Netflix or Amazon if they will be taking "Limitless" Season 2. Thus, readers are advised to take this with a grain of salt.