A TV watchdog group says Fox should consider picking up "Last Man Standing," which stars Tim Allen. The series was recently canceled by ABC after six seasons and its producers are now looking for a new home after the unexpected axe came down.

Parents TV Council (PTC) issued a recommendation for Fox following the comedy series' surprise axing at the Disney-owned network. The watchdog group said Fox should drop "The Mick," which stars Kaitlin Olson, and which has received a second season renewal. Parents TV Council chairman Jeffrey McCall described this comedy's humor as "socially damaging, culturally bankrupt."

Parents TV Council further urged Fox that putting "Last Man Standing" in that time slot next season would be a win-win for Fox.

The Tim Allen is known for his conservative views, and the show itself extols traditional American values. The group, however, said that occasionally, the series delivers sexual innuendo, but the humor is far more family-friendly and safe to watch than "The Mick."

Angry conservatives

Since the cancellation of "Last Man Standing," its large fanbase, mostly composed of conservatives, has launched a petition to boycott ABC unless it brings the show back. The said petition on Change.Org has collected 382,091 signatures,

Many of the fans believe politics had something to do with the show's demise. They cited the fact that the show had decent ratings, but because it leaned toward conservative ideals and not liberalism, it didn't sit well with ABC bosses.

ABC president Channing Dungey, however, denied that this was the case.

Why go to Fox?

It's 20th Century Fox that owns the rights to produce "Last Man Standing." Hence, airing it on its network would be more cost-effective.

Fox executives Howard Kurtzman and Jonnie Davis admitted to Variety that the cancellation hit a sore spot because they were expecting a season 7 renewal.

Star Tim Allen even took to Twitter to express that he had been blindsided by what happened. Kurtzman and Davis said the actor was hurt the most by ABC's decision.

Interested in the show

If Fox does not heed to the PTC's recommendation, another network is said to be interested in picking up "Last Man Standing." Christian network Pure Flix posted a message on its Facebook page asking its followers whether having this show in its lineup would be a good idea. The post received over 300 comments, 250 shares and 4,600 mostly positive reactions thus far.