It’s been near a week on, but it seems as if the music scene is still reeling from the passing of rocker Chris Cornell, founder, and frontman of Soundgarden and pioneer of the grunge rock sub-genre.

Such was the impact he made on the industry that he was accorded a moment of silence in memory during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards just this Sunday, May 21, the same day his remains were flown from Detroit, Michigan back to Los Angeles for the funeral. Meanwhile, two sources familiar with plans being made by Cornell’s family have revealed that the rock star will be laid to rest in LA this coming Friday, May 26.

Memorial arrangements

According to the sources, Cornell’s widow and other family are currently coping with the loss and the arrangements for his funeral service. However, they are also considering giving the fans a chance to be close to their departed idol by making time for a public memorial. Meanwhile, Vicky Cornell issued a statement wherein she refuted the report from the medical examiner’s office of Wayne County, Michigan which found that Cornell hanged himself in his hotel room after a concert with Soundgarden in Detroit. She disbelieves that he may have done so intentionally.

Vicky elaborated on what may have been the final hours of her husband’s life when she recalled a phone conversation with him He had mentioned taking extra doses of Ativan, a brand name for the anti-anxiety prescription drug lorazepam.

She later contacted her husband’s security detail to check up on him at his room at the MGM Grand Detroit. It was here that they found Cornell unresponsive in the bathroom, where he was pronounced dead by medical first responders.

Family lawyer Kirk Pasich has stated that the Cornells are waiting for the toxicology results in order to determine if the rocker’s hanging off his self may have been brought on by the Ativan or other drugs in his system.

Not of his volition

Chris Cornell started his rock music career in Seattle, and in 1984 he formed the band Soundgarden. As the group’s front-man he gained a lot of influence in the development of grunge rock all through the 1990s. Their biggest success came in 1994 when their album “Superunknown” was nominated for a Grammy, while two songs from it won awards.

The band went their separate ways in 1997 while Cornell formed another group, Audioslave. However, Soundgarden reunited in 2010 to perform at a music festival, and eventually resumed touring.

Attorney Kirk Pasich says that the Cornell family is convinced that if Chris indeed took his own life, that it was not his conscious choice to do so, but may have been affected by any substance he might have taken that night.

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