Katy Perry was a special musical guest on "Saturday Night Live''s Season 42 finale, where she performed visually inspiring live versions of her two new "Witness" singles, "Swish Swish" and "Bon Appetit".

Katy Perry's performance

A lot of fans are speculating that her song "Swish Swish," about the lack of negativity in one's life, is supposedly a diss track aimed at long time feud between her and Taylor Swift. Katy Perry's performance in "Saturday Night Live" featured over a dozen dancers and drag queens, including Vivacious and the Instagram star Russell got Barzz. His presence in the performance was teased before, when he released a shout-out to Katy for apparently "mimicking her mom-like moves" on Instagram.

Although Nicki Minaj is part of the song, she was not part of the performance.

Katy Perry managed to include only Migos in the second song of the night "Bon Appetit" in her set. The "Saturday Night Live" version of the song that Katy performed had her in the middle of a dining table while the rappers and the other diners were preparing to feast. She was surrounded by countless fruits as she was being "served".

"Swish Swish"

The song is vivid, amazing, and simply something that Katy Perry's audience is not used to listening to. It features a '90s house beat, and its scenes come from Chicago, Detroit, and New York. She is not the first artist to make such drastic changes to her music upon releasing a new album.

However, other artists such as Ruby Rose were not so happy about Katy's newly released single.

Rose stated on Twitter that Katy's track was "purposeful poop" and that she "felt dirty" upon hearing it. "Swish Swish" was not received positively by the famous "Orange is the New Black" star. She also stated that bullies like her should be held accountable for her actions, but it was not her place to say or do so.

This newly-released song allows both artists, Perry and Minaj, to show off their best assets in their respective areas.

The melodic tune was amazingly combined with the club-like beat by Nicki Minaj. This supposedly addressed-to-haters tune was released just in time for it to turn into the next summer hit. This is the third single in a row that is being released by Katy Perry, and fans are expecting another collaboration with Calvin Harris to be released shortly. Her performance was truly breath-taking, and the public cannot wait to see more from her.

In any case, the fans are waiting enthusiastically for whatever Katy Perry "has to serve for us".

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