Kathryn Dennis admitted that she had made a mistake last year when she was filming "Southern Charm." During the "Southern Charm" reunion, some of her co-stars made accusations that Kathryn had been taking drugs, and she didn't want to take a drug test. But just weeks later, she failed a drug test and went to rehab. In the process, Thomas Ravenel started caring for the children full-time, and he has become very protective of them. As it turns out, Dennis has been working hard to fix herself and get sober, but her mistake may have cost her a relationship with her kids.

Based on new court documents, it sounds like Kathryn Dennis isn't necessarily seeing her children as much as she had hoped for. On "Southern Charm", fans are learning how she's trying to see her children and make peace with her co-stars -- and this includes establishing a relationship with Thomas Ravenel.

Kathryn Dennis files court documents to see her kids

Apparently, Kathryn Dennis has filed court documents to see her children and possibly get more custody, as she feels she's losing touch with her kids. Radar Online has the details about how she's feeling about everything.

“[The nanny] refused to allow [her] to hold her son and [Ravenel] told [Dennis] that if [she] did not leave the reception, he would call the police,” Kathryn revealed in the report she filed, according to Radar Online.

In the court documents, she also added that she feels she can't see her children, explaining that she feels “alienated.”

Thomas Ravenel may be keeping the children from her as he feels they may be more protected in his care rather than hers.

Will Kathryn Dennis use 'Southern Charm' to fix her family?

On "Southern Charm," Kathryn Dennis is trying to make peace with her co-stars, and she has been reaching out to them via phone calls.

On last week's episode, fans saw how she called her co-stars to see if they wanted to meet up for coffee in hopes of fixing what had been broken. In addition, Kathryn also wrote a letter to Thomas, asking him to get back together. This action reveals that she's trying to make herself look like the victim while making Ravenel look like the bad guy.

Even if she is struggling with drugs, he should let Dennis see her children as keeping her from them also affects them.

What do you think of Kathryn Dennis' court documents that reveal she is feeling alienated? Do you think she's trying to fix her family with the help of "Southern Charm"?