Kailyn Lowry has revealed that she's pregnant with her third child and she has revealed that she will be a single mother right from the birth. It was a shocking revelation from the "Teen Mom 2" star, who had recently gotten divorced from Javi Marroquin.

During their marriage, Javi wanted more children with Kailyn, but she kept calling their marriage toxic. She wanted to focus on her career and get a job, so when she announced she was pregnant after her divorce, people were furious with her - mostly because of their adoration of Javi.

But Kailyn Lowry isn't necessarily as bad as her "Teen Mom 2" fans make her out to be.

As it turns out, Lowry doesn't really care what people say about her and because she has been so secretive about her current pregnancy, people will believe just about any rumor that has surfaced about her.

Kailyn Lowry's focus isn't on the MTV show

Kailyn Lowry has been judged over the past couple of months and it sounds like she isn't at all what people are making her out to be. While many people have accused her of being focused on money, on guys and on using people to get what she wants, Lowry is now revealing that her children actually come first. It's not the show that is her top priority. This was revealed in a tweet, where someone wrote that they could not imagine not putting themselves first.

Of course, Javi Marroquin has hinted that Lowry isn't putting her children first. While filming "Teen Mom 2" and going through their divorce drama on the show, Marroquin joked that she wasn't putting her kids first, as she had slept with another man.

But it sounds like Kailyn wants people to know that her kids do come first, no matter what.

Is Kailyn Lowry finally done with drama in her life?

Over the past couple of months, Kailyn Lowry has been linked to plenty of drama. Not only did she get divorced from Marroquin and didn't want to talk about it on "Teen Mom 2," but she also showed up pregnant with a mysterious man.

One can imagine that Lowry will talk about this on the upcoming "Teen Mom 2" season, but she doesn't have to talk about it if she doesn't want to.

And people are questioning whether this is truly the right thing for her, but Lowry wanted another child so she will get a baby without being in a relationship. The man's name is rumored to be Chris Lopez, but he is already linked to another woman.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's tweet about putting her children first? Do you think she is truly a good mother behind the vague tweets that often result in unnecessary drama?