There's suspicion on the part of close observers that Ivanka Trump is copying Kate Middleton in regard to photos she shares on social media of her children. England's future queen isn't the only mom in the world to post photos of her children enjoying an outing, but in the celebrity world someone has to be compared to someone else!

First Daughter taking a page out of the Duchess' photo playbook?

In this instance, Ivanka Trump is being likened to the Duchess Of Cambridge over posting a photo of her 3-year-old son, Joseph Kushner, being mesmerized by a butterfly in Washington, D.C.'s National Museum of Natural History.

The photo, posted on February 16, 2017 reminds some of Kate Middleton's 2014 picture when she posed with her son, Prince George smiling at a butterfly. Prince William was in the image, too. The royals' photo was snapped at London's Natural History Museum in the Sensational Butterflies exhibit, according to Hello. Prince William and Kate released the photo to celebrate Prince George's first birthday.

Kate Middleton took photography classes during her college years and she shows off her latent skills in occasional photos of Prince George, 3, and Princess Charlotte, 1-and-a-half.

Her photos are known for being personable, intimate, and high-quality. Ivanka and Kate have many things in common; they're the same age, have a son the same age, are major public figures, strongly independent, and have impeccable taste in fashion.

Similarities exist in fashion choices, too

Another comparison to the First Daughter and the Duchess was made after Ivanka wore a green two-piece Oscar de la Renta suit at an inauguration concert.

Last fall Kate wore a similar look when she visited a children's school, but she purchased the outfit off the rack.

Ivanka Trump is settling comfortably into her new life in D.C. She has posted photos of her children getting acclimated to their grandfather's new residence in the White House. Her newest addition to the family is seen in photos on Instagram crawling around the halls of the president's official residence.

President Trump's daughter seems to take on her worldly role with ease and poise. Ivanka Trump is open about sharing what her new life in D.C. is like for her whole family.

Do you think Ivanka Trump is "copying" Kate Middleton?