Charrisse Jackson-Jordan was one of the original housewives on “The Real Housewives of Potomac” last season. It was the first season of the show, and when Charrisse joined the cast, she already had some marital issues that she was dealing with.

It is no secret that these “Real Housewives” shows influence people's marriages and there have been countless divorces within the franchise, simply from appearing on the show. Many couples go on the show, thinking they're going to be the exception.

However, Charrisse says her marriage was not that kind of relationship.

She recently revealed that her husband warned her about going on the show and how it would essentially ruin their relationship.

Did Eddie give her an ultimatum?

On “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” Jackson-Jordan has revealed that her husband moved to New Jersey to start a coaching job long before she started filming the show. The two had an odd relationship, as they didn't mind the long distance so much. But it became apparent that Charrisse may have been lying to her co-stars about how happy she was last year.

She would break down crying because he wouldn't contact her and he didn't show up for important events back in Potomac. Before long, Charrisse’s co-stars started to question whether this was indeed a healthy marriage and some encouraged her to file for Divorce.

Jackson-Jordan stuck by her husband saying that they were doing just fine and that the long-distance solution worked out great for them.

However, Jackson-Jordan is now changing her tune a little bit. Charrisse recently opened up to Bravo about her marriage, and she reveals that she told her husband Eddie about the reality show.

She claimed that the producers wanted to do the show and he told her that if she went on the show, they would probably get a divorce.

Charrisse is moving on with her life

These days on “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” Charrisse Jackson Jordan is now dealing with the aftermath of her decision to file for divorce. The two were very awkward with one another and practically ignoring each other at their daughter's 16th birthday.

In addition, fans are seeing how Charrisse is now getting counseling to deal with the end of her marriage, and she recently told her daughter that they had simply grown apart.

One can imagine that this is a very hard time for her as she deals with the aftermath of her divorce decision, but it is probably healthy if he warned her about doing a reality show. Many would probably argue that she is just a victim of the reality TV curse.

What do you think about Charrisse Jackson-Jordan's comments about her marriage now? Are you surprised that her husband Eddie warned her about doing the show and possibly being faced with a divorce?