Lisa Rinna's name keeps popping up in relation to drama in Beverly Hills. The drama that is playing out on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" seems to have taken over. Even though the show wrapped a while back, it sounds like lisa vanderpump's loyal fans are making sure that Rinna isn't getting success anywhere else. While filming "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Rinna revealed that she works at QVC once a month, selling her own clothing line. She had also revealed that she used to own a clothing store.

This is a gig that Lisa still has going for herself, so when she went on QVC yesterday to sell her newest products, it appears that Vanderpump fans decided to go on the QVC forums to make Rinna look bad.

While it may have affected some sales, Rinna reveals that she still took home a huge amount of money.

Lisa Rinna still works with QVC

Yesterday, Lisa Rinna appeared on QVC, and it sounds like Vanderpump's fans learned what she was doing on the show. These loyal friends wanted to ruin Rinna's chances of making lots of b, so they started writing things on the forums at QVC. But Rinna wasn't too rattled and revealed that she still took home a lot of money from her appearance. While one person reported it was $80,000, Lisa Rinna revealed it was closer to $95,000.

While Lisa Vanderpump may be worth millions for her work in the restaurant industry, Rinna is doing quite well for herself. But it does seem outrageous that her fans would attack Rinna for going on QVC to promote her clothing line.

Does Lisa Vanderpump care about her dedicated fans who troll Rinna?

Does Lisa Vanderpump care about the people who go after Lisa Rinna? She hasn't said anything about it, and one can imagine she won't. She probably doesn't care that people are attacking her "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-star on her behalf. As she would probably say, she can't control the people who support her on the show.

But maybe Vanderpump would have a different perspective if people were attacking her business because they were supportive of Rinna. It's interesting to see the drama play out between the ladies, only to see their fans fight when the show isn't on television. These fans are so dedicated that they don't care about ruining reputations and possible business ventures for people.

What do you think of people knowingly going after Lisa Rinna on QVC because they support Lisa Vanderpump? Do you think they care about ruining someone's business?