Laura Wright, who plays Carly on "General Hospital," has found love once again after divorce. She actually went to her Instagram page to share a photo with her new man and a few details about him are already out. Laura shared saying, "Hey Hey so this is @wes_ramsey #lifeisbeautiful #newbeginnings #crazy❤️ #grateful #happyMe." In the photo, it is obvious these two are more than friends as she is leaning into him and looks super happy. It looks like she is doing just fine now.

Who is Wes Ramsey?

The soap fans may remember Wes Ramsey as Sam Spencer.

Ramsey played the character on "Guiding Light" in the early 2000s as well as in 2008. Laura Wright was also o this show from 1997-2005. They probably know each other from her time on that show. She played the character of Cassie Winslow while on that show. Now she is known as Carly on "General Hospital."

Laura Wright is 46-years-old. She went through a divorce and didn't date at all for a while, but has finally moved on to someone new. Wes is a bit younger than her at 39-years-old. He is also known for his time on the show "Charmed."

When Laura Wright first got divorced, she was quiet about it. Both of her children are older now and for a while, she just focused on herself. Laura got healthy and put herself first.

Now, she is dating once again. After her divorce, she said, "All of this is me climbing back up from my marriage ending. It was sad and difficult to go ‘Now what, Laura?’ But, it turns out ‘Now what’ is freaking awesome. I’m learning so much about who I am.” It sounds like she is in the perfect spot to start dating once again.

Her love life as Carly

It really does look like Laura Wright's love life is going better than the love life of Carly on "General Hospital." She is going through a big split right now with Sonny. They are planning on getting another divorce but with these two you never know what will happen. Right now, it looks like Sonny and Carly over done.

Right now, Carly and Sonny are bonding over the fact that they have figured out that Ava is the one who changed out Morgan's pills and caused him to spiral before he ended up passing away. It looks like they are going to make sure they can do everything possible to destroy her life.

Are you happy to hear that Laura Wright has found love with Wes Ramsey? Do you feel like these two are a great couple? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "General Hospital" on weekdays on ABC.