The father of Kailyn Lowry's third child, Chris Lopez, may undergo DNA testing in an effort to claim his unborn child. According to a new report, Lowry's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, is currently considered as the child's legal father due to a Delaware law, but soon, Lopez may officially declared as the dad.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin got married in 2012 and parted ways in May 2016. However, their divorce wasn't believed to be finalized until December. Because of this, Marroquin is legally considered to be the father of Lowry's third child and won't be off the hook when it comes to the financial responsibility involved until he files documents denying his paternity.

Chris Lopez must acknowledge he is the father

In addition to Marroquin's documents, the courts will need to see a valid acknowledgment of paternity from Lopez to “discharge the presumed father from all rights and duties of a parent,” reads Statute 8-305.

Chris Lopez was involved with Kailyn Lowry briefly after her divorce from Marroquin, but by February, the couple had parted ways. As the "Teen Mom 2" star explained online, she isn't involved in a romance currently and will likely be raising her child as a single mother.

Could Javi Marroquin be responsible for child support?

In a statement to Radar Online, Kailyn Lowry's attorney, David J. Bever, explained that if no one does anything to confirm or deny their paternity, Marroquin will be considered the child's father until the case goest to court.

“In Delaware law when a child is born within 300 days of the legal end of a marriage, if no party does anything for two years, the former husband will be considered the father of the child," he noted.

Continuing on to Radar Online, Bever explained that Lowry will be able to legally establish her child's paternity by requesting the Family Court "determine paternity of the child pursuant to Chapter 8 if Title 13 of the Delaware Code to appropriately determine who is actually the father.” Then, if the men fail to comply with the court, Lowry will request a hearing to determine paternity.

As for child support, it seems highly unlikely that Marroquin would be faced with the issue. While he is considered to be the child's father at this point, Lowry has named Lopez as her third Baby Daddy and would likely set the record straight before support became an issue.

Kailyn Lowry and her family are expected to return to MTV later this year for "Teen Mom 2" season eight.