Being a part of the Duggar family means one thing – every single thing you do that is of remote interest (and even some things that aren’t) will find its way into media headlines. Even knowing every move they make is in the spotlight, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have been pretty tight-lipped about their Wedding plans ever since they got engaged.

Unfortunately, secrets don’t exist anymore

Months after Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth got engaged, they continued to keep their wedding plans a secret. They refused to share even the smallest details such as when they were getting married or when they were getting married.

The problem? They are part of the Duggar family, and it’s the year 2017. Secrets aren’t a luxury any celebrity gets to have.

There are committed Duggar fans

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s attempt to keep their wedding plans a secret were foiled by the fact that many people are completely obsessed with the Duggar family. These are people who were committed to digging until they managed to find out details about the wedding. These obsessed Duggar fans have managed to dig up some information regarding the wedding. The only problem is two pretty conflicting theories have surfaced.

Theories one and two

The first theory unearthed by Duggar obsessed fans suggests Joy-Anna and Austin are going to get married in October – with a wedding date of Duggar’s birthday.

This particular theory is supposed by a wedding registry website that appeared to be created by none other than the bride and groom-to-be. Unfortunately, the website was removed shortly after Duggar obsessed fans discovered it. It, however, does without saying that it doesn’t mean the site was real. After all, it could have been someone obsessed with the Duggars that created the site.

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With the second theory, many Duggar fans believe there is a possibility Joy-Anna and Austin are already married. Could they have gotten married during a secret wedding last week? This particular news stems from the number one Facebook page people turn to for Duggar related news.

While the Facebook page is usually pretty accurate when it comes to Duggar rumors, the fact that their source regarding the secret Duggar wedding stopped talking is a little suspicious.

It, however, is also a little suspicious that the Duggar family themselves aren’t talking about the wedding. Why is it such a big secret?

The marriage license

It was something the Facebook page posted today that really got fans going. It was a marriage license that Joy-Anna and Austin had obtained last week. It, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that the couple is already married. It just means that there is a chance they could have gotten married last week. The marriage license could also mean they are getting married shortly.

If Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin managed to keep their wedding a secret, it would be a pretty incredible task. After all, a Duggar wedding has always been a huge affair where nearly a thousand people attend.

Given the fact that the ratings of the Duggar’s reality show has been declining as of late, having a secret wedding makes sense.

A secret wedding could be just the interesting twist the Duggar family needs in order to draw their viewership back in. If a secret wedding for the purpose of getting better ratings was the goal, Duggar fans could be forced to wait a little longer to find out the truth regarding whether or not these two are married.