Full House” star John Stamos has joined the celebrities who have taken to social media to express their condolences for the victims of the bombing that took place after Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester.

John was less than a mile away

Known best for his role as Uncle Jessie in “Full House,” John was less than a mile away from where the explosion took place. Stamos is currently in the U.K. because he is supposed to perform with The Beach Boys on Wednesday at the Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre. Given how close Stamos was to the explosion, most aren’t too surprised for him to have such an emotional response to what happened.

Here’s what Stamos had to say

In the opening of his emotional social media post, John talked about how all he could think of was the young children who just wanted to go to Ariana’s concert to have a good time. He reflected on the fact that he was once one of those children and he often wanted to go hang out at a Beach Boys concert, just to have a good time. He recognized that the songs and singers change overtime, but the joy a child gets when going to a concert for a singer they love is always the same.

He believes concerts are a symbol of freedom

John reflected on the combination of feeling exhausted and exhilarated “at the same time.” He talked about how a person remembers every concert they attend because every single concert is special.

This was when his post took a sad turn as he talked about how his heartache for all of the parents who had surprised their children with tickets to attend this specific Ariana Grande concert.

Stamos mentioned that at one point in time he was so anxious by what had happened that he was no longer able to just sit in his hotel room. He quested how adults were going to explain what had happened to children.

“How do you make sense” of what had happened – he questioned. In his post, he included a picture of a police officer comforting a young child. He said that as he walked around the arena, he found comfort in this police officer. So, he decided to take a picture of it. In this moment, the police officer reminded him of one thing – “love will always conquer hate.”

Stamos will still perform

The “Full House” star then reassured his fans that he would still be performing with The Beach Boys as planned on Wednesday night.

He said the performance would be in memory of all the lives that were lost during the Manchester explosion.

John Stamos ended his emotional social media response by saying that Manchester would always be in his heart.

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