Sir Roger Moore took up the role of James Bond when he was 45 and was seen in seven Bond movies, which was the maximum number of appearances for an actor in this much coveted role. However, he lost his battle with cancer and passed away in Switzerland at the age of 89, as reported by his family.

The journey of Sir Roger Moore

Sky News reports that Sir Roger Moore was famous for two of his roles. One was that of the saint, which was a TV production, and the second was his role of James Bond in the 007 series of movies. This latter portrayal endeared him to the audience and help him transform into the most successful actors of his generation.

His role of James Bond, the super-agent of MI6 who was attracted to women, brought him recognition among his fans, and he took up the challenge of portraying the unforgettable 007 in as many as seven films. Moreover, he took over the role when he was 45 and became the oldest actor to portray the famous spy role who loved everything fast – fast cars, fast action and fast women.

Incidentally, his first film was “Live And Let Die" in 1973, and for that he had to lose weight, trim his hair and get fit to match the image of the super spy. He did seven such films before calling it a day with “A View to a Kill” in 1985 at the age of 57.

His other interests

Prior to donning the mantle of James Bond, he achieved worldwide fame in the role of another famous fictional personality in the form of a smooth-talking adventurer named Simon Templar or The Saint.

It was a TV series. He had also starred with Tony Curtis in the 1970s crime series The Persuaders – that was also a TV series.

Apart from his acting, Sir Roger Moore was a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and received a knighthood in 2003. This honor was given to him for his work with the organization.

He was born in London and is survived by his fourth wife Kristina Tholstrup and three children.

He married Kristina in 2002.

The genre of James Bond is gone

When one sees the world of entertainment today, one misses movies of the James Bond genre. The world of movies is taken over by movies that deal with futuristic scenarios where machines take on the role of humans and become crime fighters. The taste of the audience has changed and the battles go beyond the stratosphere.

There is no scope for a James Bond to show off his talents, and the passing away of Sir Roger Moore will bring the curtains down on an exciting era in the world of movies. May his soul rest in peace.