Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are now officially engaged! The 22-year-old star took advantage of his sister's, Joy-Anna Duggar, wedding to Austin Forsyth on May 26 and proposed to his girlfriend.

The lovely couple shared the news on the official website of the Duggar family the day after the nuptial. The two shared a short but loving message while Joseph's parents Michelle Duggar and Jim Duggar showed their full support.

The announcement of Joseph, Kendra's engagement

“We are so excited to be engaged and look forward to a lifetime together,” Joseph and Kendra said in a statement. They are both thankful that God brings them together and make them the lovely couple that they are now.

In fact, they revealed that they have been looking forward to the “special time of their engagement” and to the day that they can finally serve the Lord as man and wife.

Aside from that, they also shared a video announcement that can be seen on and talked about how their engagement happened. "We got engaged," Joseph revealed. He narrated that he asked Joy and Austin a few weeks before their wedding if it was okay if he proposed on their wedding day. “Oh yeah, we'd love it if you do that,” the newly wedded couple said.

The planning of their engagement

Joseph and Kendra met at the church, where the latter attends along with her family. They started dating in March. The 18-year-old revealed that their engagement is quite different to their courtship as they can now hold each other's hands and exchange “I love yous.” And now that they are already engaged, they are now looking forward to minister together.

The two have known each other for six months before they finally decided to take their relationship to the next level. However, fans don't have to worry as they will still see the glimpse of them on the TLC series “Counting On” even if they got married.

The blessing of Joseph’s parents

Meanwhile, even though they are both still young, Joseph’s family already gave their approval to his upcoming wedding with Kendra.

As a matter of fact, his parents Michelle and Jim also shared their congratulatory message and gave their blessings to the newly engaged pair. It can also be seen on the family's official website.

“There is a lot of love in the air today!” they said pertaining to the wedding of Joy and the engagement of Joseph and Kendra. They also added that they are very proud to announce that their son is now engaged and soon getting married.

“Our sweet Joe is on the verge of starting his own family,” they added.

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