"house of cards" Season 5 officially returns to television tonight on Netflix. The show returns at such an opportune time to further blur the lines between reality and fiction. Some of the attention that President trump has been getting will likely be shifted to an arguably more reviled commander in the chief, the corrupt and cunning US President, Frank Underwood.

Life imitating art

The show itself has been known to be quite an oracle when it comes to predicting real life events within the country. The recently released trailer for the hit television series' fifth season is evident of that as it does provide some very familiar scenes that have already happened in real life.

It also has to be noted that the script for the show was written well before Donald Trump won the United States Presidential Elections, which is all the more eerie in how it got a lot of things right.

Latest trailer is eerily familiar

President Frank Underwood, played by the brilliant Kevin Spacey, is seen declaring war on a terrorist group both within the country and abroad. Outside the White House, protestors are waving around signs that say "Not My President," which is strangely similar to the real-life protests that followed Trump's recent win.

Underwood is then heard saying that the "American People don't know what's best for them." He then proceeds to describe them as children that need to be taught right from wrong and that they need to be told how to feel and what to want.

The new season will be picking up where the last one left off, with Underwood and Claire, played by Robin Wright, in the midst of their re-election campaign.

Competing with real life

Critics have revealed that one of the challenges for the show this time around is that it will be competing with a reality that is as crazy as even its most ridiculous episodes.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert during his late night talk show, the host even asked Spacey if he was worried that the series won't be as crazy as reality anymore now that Trump is in power. The actor merely responded that they actually have "better writers than Trump."

However, early reviews for the new season have been more positive.

The show is apparently more relevant now more than ever as some fans are probably looking forward to a double dose of political mayhem, both within the show and with what is happening in real life. The show is expected to showcase several scandals, crimes, trauma, terrorist threats, and controversies, all of which are also happening in America right now.