The Jonas Brothers have reunited and are spending the majority of their time these days close to their family home -- especially with their dad, Kevin Jonas Sr.

Jonas Brothers rush home to support ailing father

The Jonas Brothers are sticking by their ailing dad's side, showing their love and support. Papa Jonas was sadly diagnosed with colon cancer in March and his family has been right by his side every step of the way as he has undergone treatment. Refinery29 reports that Mr. Jonas talked with NBC Charlotte after first being diagnosed.

Father undergoing treatment for colon cancer

Kevin Sr. stated that son Franke came home from school, while Nick and Joe dropped everything, clearing their future schedules to fly home. and Kevin Jr, while he doesn't work in the entertainment business anymore, took time off from his work in real-estate to join the family.

The news came as quite a blow to the Jonas family. Telling the guys about the disease really shook them up at first, their dad revealed.

"They canceled their schedules," Kevin, Sr. said, "moved important things." Following the Jonas Brothers' arrival, they stayed by their dad's side while he underwent surgery at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Fans who spotted the Jonas Brothers entering the hospital with their dad were excited to see the guys all together once again, but were also very concerned.

Denise Jonas, their mother, revealed that she was used to fans going crazy over her famous boys. She is constantly asked by fans when she is seen with her boys if she is "related to the Jonas Brothers" She claims she just laughs it off and tells them that "yes, she is related," and that she is their mom.

The family has not commented on the status of their father's health condition at this time.

The entire Jonas family is keeping a positive outlook as they work together to get their dad through this trying time. What we do know is that Kevin Jonas Sr.'s surgery appears to have gone well and he will soon begin extensive chemo treatments, but as of now, his prognosis is good. This news, coupled with the love and support of his family, is extremely important to his recovery.

The band first formed in 2005, the trio of Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas gained popularity from their appearances on the the Disney Channel, starring in the network's original films "Camp Rock" and "Camp Rock 2" as their growing music career began to skyrocket. The Jonas Brothers released four huge-selling albums between 2006 and 2009.

The Jonas Brothers are best known for their hit pop songs "Hold On," "S.O.S," and "Burnin Up," to name a few.