Jenelle Evans wants everyone to believe she is the victim when it comes to not raising her son, Jace. She was "16 & Pregnant" and when she finally had the baby, Evans wasn't interested in doing what needs to be done. Jenelle signed her son over to her mother, Barbara Evans when he was just a few months old. Partying and having fun with her friends took priority over her child. Eight years later, the mother and daughter are battling in court over where the little boy should reside. Earlier this week, they reached a custody agreement.

What decision was made?

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle and Barbara Evans reached an agreement through mediation instead of going to trial.

Jace will remain with his grandmother as she keeps full custody and he will see his mother every other weekend and for a chunk of time over the summer. This is a similar agreement to what a couple divorcing would have or even partners who are looking to co-parent. Jace will be able to see both of the important women in his life, even if it wasn't ultimately what Jenelle wanted.

"Teen Mom 2" cameras reportedly caught the moments before and the aftermath of the showdown between the Evans women. Their relationship is strained at best and while Jenelle feels like Barbara should just hand Jace over, it may not be what is best for him at the moment. The little boy has been raised by Barbara for all of his life. Even when Jenelle was attempting to be a mom for the first few months, they were living in Barbara's house.

There really is no good argument for why Jace shouldn't be left with his grandmother.

Jenelle Evans has a plan

Yesterday on Twitter, Jenelle Evans was spouting off about the distaste for what the agreement says. She has been extra vocal about saying her mom begged her to settle and that she should have gone to trial. Evans isn't fooling "Teen Mom 2" fans who believe she is probably deflecting and likely wanted to settle to avoid being humiliated in a courtroom when her mother was granted custody.

Of course, Jenelle snapped back and said that she has a plan. She may be hoping that agreeing to this for a short time and revisiting the issue will give her more credibility when it comes to raising Jace.

A new season of "Teen Mom 2" is happening. One that will incorporate the new children born to two of the stars and a new baby on the way for Kailyn Lowry.

Expect explosive drama, including some between Barbara and Jenelle Evans.

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