Hey, "The Bachelorette" fans. Yep, it's true. We've got some crazy mud wrestling activities that are going to go down and much more in episode 3. They're going to show footage of the guys hitting up "The Ellen Degeneres Show" at some point to fill their appetite of throwing more celebrity appearances into the mix. Some wild stripping activity will take place too! These spoiler teasers are from ABC by way of TV Guide.

Stripping and dancing

They started off their official description by telling us about the first group date that we'll be seeing. It turns out that it's going to involve six of the guys and Rachel will take them to the very famous Ellen DeGeneres daytime talk show that airs on NBC.

Apparently, they're going to try to raise money for a charity. They didn't mention exactly what charity they'll be raising money for but I imagine it will be for something meaningful.

Anyway, what's really interesting is what the guys will have to do to raise this money. They tell us that they'll be doing some wild stripping and dancing! Who will impress Rachel the most during this challenge? Who will get that early group date rose? Those are the big questions for this date footage. ABC definitely didn't reveal that info in this description so we'll certainly have to wait until this episode airs to see how the date plays out.

Horseback riding

Next, they briefly described a one-on-one date that will take place with one of the guys.

He and Rachel will end up going horseback riding down Rodeo Drive in the famous Beverly Hills area to go shopping. The big questions here is who is the guy that she takes on this date? Will she give him an early rose or send him packing? This date should give us some very interesting footage. It's possible that we might catch a few glimpses of the date when ABC delivers the new preview clip after episode 2 airs later on tonight.

You'll definitely want to be sure look out for that. The preview clips are always great and reveal extra details that these press release spoilers don't mention.

Rowdy crowd

Finally, we have this last scoop that they gave us. It involves another group date with eight of the guys. It sounds pretty wild as they tell us that Rachel's friends are going to surprise her by having the guys compete in a dirty mud wrestling competition in front of a very lively and rowdy crowd that's on hand.

Who will be the eight guys that get selected for this madness? Will one of them get an early group date rose for all their trouble? One thing we can be sure of is it will certainly give us some very fun and entertaining scenes to look forward to. There's no doubt about that.

No cocktail party scoops

Unfortunately, they didn't give us any cocktail party scoops so we'll just have to make due without those this week. We're still waiting for Reality Steve to post his famous and very revealing episode-by-episode spoilers. He's been having trouble getting them out in a timely manner this season because ABC switched some things up this year. Hopefully he'll get them out soon. Anyway, we can confirm that episode 3 is due out next Monday night, June 5th, 2017 on ABC. Stay tuned.