Pop singer #Ariana Grande may be physically okay, but her heart was definitely torn to pieces after the explosion at her concert in the United Kingdom on Monday, May 22. Specifically, the incident happened outside the Manchester Arena after the American artist completed her first show in the United Kingdom as part of her "Dangerous Woman" tour.

Manchester terror attack

At around 10:35 pm, British authorities received a call reporting the occurrence outside the Manchester Arena. The explosion killed a total of 22 people, including an eight-year-old girl.

The bombing also left 59 others injured, but more than that, the attack has traumatized those who witnessed the blast, their family members, and people all over the world. The police immediately rushed to the scene upon learning about the explosion at the largest indoor stadium in the UK. They even carried out a controlled explosion after finding an abandoned package in the area.

Who's responsible?

The British authorities named a certain Salman Abedi as the suspected bomber. He was born in Manchester and has been transferring from one address to another with his family. It was also reported that the alleged bomber was known to the US intelligence community even before the Manchester explosion happened.

Salman's brothers and father were also arrested, along with three others as part of the investigation. The father of the suspect also recalled the last time he spoke with his son, whom he said "sounded normal" during the course of that conversation. Despite the father's denial, his 18-year-old son reportedly confessed that they had a connection with the Islamic State, admitting that he had knowledge of the Manchester attack.

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'Dangerous Woman' tour

Following the horrible night at the Manchester Arena, Ariana Grande and her team have decided to suspend the singer's concert tour in the wake of the traumatic incident. After stating that she is "broken" as a result of the events that transpired, the 23-year-old singer has decided to return to her hometown in Florida to lean on her family.

An insider said Ariana Grande is still in a state of shock after the explosion at her UK concert. Aside from her family, the "Almost Is Never Enough" artist also found a shoulder to cry on in her boyfriend, Mac Miller. In fact, the rapper has not left her side since she arrived in Florida on Tuesday. In the meantime, many others continue to mourn the loss of life.