Among the members of One Direction who have been busy pursuing solo projects since the band's hiatus (since 2016) is Harry Styles. His self-titled debut album, released on May 12, is now gathering generally favorable reviews. This is spearheaded by the single “Sign of the Times” which has topped charts in the UK and Australia. while starting at number four in the US. In order to promote the album and his upcoming tours, Styles is making a whole week's worth of appearances at CBS’ “The Late Late Show with James Corden” that started on May 15. But, it was the appearance on Tuesday, May 16 that caught a lot of attention, when the British singer briefly took over hosting duties for the show.

Styles impersonates Corden

Viewers of “The Late Late Show” on CBS were surprised to see Harry Styles come out on stage, taking on the character of actual host James Corden, and the move was actually well liked. He started out like all evening talk show hosts do with a monologue, this one lasting four and a half minutes. Topics that got mentioned ranged from newsworthy events that Tuesday, such as President Donald Trump’s sharing of classified information with Russia, and some jokes regarding the digital pirates who allegedly stole a copy of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” and are holding it for ransom.

While he didn’t miss a beat during his opening monologue, Styles was visibly sheepish when he got to the punch lines of his jokes, stuff like Trump receiving an “Employee of the Month” award from the Russian government, or the stolen digital copy of “POTC” being (naturally) a “pirated” video.

The slight embarrassment in the One Direction member’s delivery ended up being received rather positively by the live audience.

Switching places

Of course, there was a point to Harry Styles passing himself off as the host. As soon as he sat down behind the desk he introduced the weekly guest, Harry Styles himself. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that actual host James Corden was in the singer’s place.

And, the ensuing “interview” where the two exchanged dialogue with Styles not even bothering to hold back his laugher was an unexpected hit.

It wasn’t very long before viewers took to Twitter in order to heap praise on Styles’ little bit of hosting on “The Late Late Show." Some of them even went further, saying that he has a lot of potential as a new late night host.

Only time will tell, as Harry Styles is still busy hyping his album and his world tour.