Scott Disick, 34, and Bella Thorne, 19, were seen together in a restaurant in Los Angeles. Then the couple went to the Peppermint Club, where they danced and had fun all night. Disick and Kourtney Kardashian, 38, are definitely separated, so they can do whatever they want.

"Kourt" is dating Younes Bendjima, 24, an Algerian model whom she has known since October of last year. Since their separation, the businessman was seen with several women. This time, the girl chosen is 15 years younger than him. The socialite is also dating someone much younger than her.

Younes is only 24 years old and never married or had children.

The end

Kourtney and Scott tried several times for their relationship to work, but they never succedeed. The couple's worst obstacle was Scott's alcoholism and his constant infidelity to Kourtney. The mom of three assures that she will never be with him again. They will try to keep a good relation for the sake of the children, but they will not be together again.

Kourtney is having a great time with Younes and does not want to rush a serious relationship. They see each time they can since she has to take care of three children. Scott does not want to lose contact with his kids, even if he goes out to have fun every night.

What really happened with Bella Thorne?

Bella and Scott had dinner together and then went dancing. They looked like a couple and not just friends. The former Disney star publicly declared her bisexuality last year and confessed she was looking for a girlfriend. She likes several celebrities: Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart.

Bella is single and wants to have a partner because she is very romantic. It is difficult for the Teen Actress to have a famous boyfriend like her because a lot of people get into the relationship and that makes it last less. Perhaps she finds in Scott the man who she is searching for in her life, but it is still too early to know.

Since Kourtney separated from her boyfriend and father of her three children, she is looking sexier than ever. She did a nude photoshoot where we could see her toned body. "Kourt" is in a good mood and is much more uninhibited than before. Although all separation is very difficult, the socialite is doing very well. That is thanks to her family who supports her in everything. In addition, the Kardashian family lived many scandalous divorces and always overcame those hard moments. Stay tuned for more updates.